Barbered wire

Graphic by Martin

Barbered wire

رجـــل عـاش من أجل أمته ومـات فى سبيلها
 وما زالت ذكــراه عــاطـرة
صور الجزء الأخير 
مجموعة نادرة وكاملة بالألوان
  منسوخة من
 مركز الرئيس جمال عبدالناصر
Photos of Nasser´s Funeral Procession 
1st October 1970
       أول أكـتوبر ١٩٧٠    
 - XX  - 
For Country and History





His death sent shock waves throughout the Arab world. In a stunning display of emotion, millions of Egyptians followed his funeral procession through the streets of Cairo.
In the judgment of diplomat Anthony Nutting, who knew Nasser and wrote a biography of him: “For all his faults, Nasser helped to give Egypt and the Arabs that sense of dignity which for him was the hallmark of independent nationhood....Egypt and the whole Arab world would have been the poorer, in spirit as well as material progress, without the dynamic inspiration of his leadership,,,,,
When President Gamal Abdel Nasser died, he has fulfilled his promise to die as a poor man. He was in debt and has not taken advantage of his position to enrich himself or his family.


Selected songs dedicated to Nasser
Ya Gamal Ya habib El Malayeen
Ehna el Shaab
Watani habibi Al Watan Al Akbar

The result of Nasser's modernization of the Egyptian Forces were to be seen after his death....... The 1973 War and the Canal Crossing
For the first time in Israel's history, it's excistance was militarly endangered....!!!

Gamal Abdel Nasser ..The Story and Myth by Samy Sharaf


Photo Nasser Funeral Procession
Nasser's Tomb

رجوع الى بداية الصفحة  

Graphic by Martin
A Man ... A Nation ...

الـرجوع الى الفهـرس للمتابعة والمواصلة

شـكرا لزيارتكم للموقع

أنتم الضيف


رجوع الى بداية الصفحة

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